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Image by Edwin Andrade

Saying Bye to Toxicity to Live A Life of Authenticity Masterclass

Co-lead by Future Cain and Dr. Nadia Lopez

This New Year you deserve to put your wellness and health on the top of your list.

Are you ready to pivot from toxicity so you can live a life of wellness and in your authenticity?

Tired of feeling........
unproductive, exhausted, hopeless, frustrated, shamed,
bullied, targeted, self-doubt, micromanaged?
Has your health or mental wellness been compromised?
Yes, we both know all too well exactly how you may be feeling. Getting up to go to work every day is a challenge, putting on the mask is suffocating, only to come home depleted and have nothing left to give to yourself or those you love because you used all your energy surviving in the toxic environment.

We have collaborated to bring you the Saying Bye to Toxicity to Live A Life of Authenticity how to move away from the harm to be your full, well self ……


We want you to know that you are not alone, we believe you, you are enough,

you are more than worthy, and you are valued


Dr. Lopez and Future are looking forward to sharing space with you as you embark on this journey. 

During our time together in this masterclass you will center your own authenticity while creating a life that is harmonious, honors your needs, dreams, and values while saying "bye" to toxicity.

This 6 session Masterclass will support you in the following……


  • Unpacking toxicity. 

  • Heart and Soul self check in and self reflection. 

  • Building your knapsack as a toxic avenger. 

  • Wellness blueprint. 

  • Authenticity agenda, planning your position or pivot. 

Webinar coming soon 
stay tuned!

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