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Each meditation is uniquely designed by company founder, Future Cain, to support positive mental health based on the common challenges of intersectionality.
Can meditation really help me?

Although meditation has been around for centuries, it's something much of the world knew very little about until the 21st century. Now there's a growing body of research that supports the many health benefits of meditation, which include:

  • Improved memory

  • Increased neuroplasticity

  • Stress reduction

  • Better attention span

  • Easier decision-making

  • Delayed aging

  • Decrease in feelings of fear, anxiety, and more positive, empathetic responses to others

  • Can slow down and even prevent neurodegenerative diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s


Currently, our free meditation audio files can only be live-streamed from this page.
We are in the process of making updates to allow downloading and optional background music.

Black Community
Week 1 Black JoyFuture Cain
00:00 / 10:21


Reveling in joy is an act of rebellion and liberation. In a world where the world is filling our feeds with daily trauma, we must remember to stay find and savor joy as this will support us in healing. To fight this good fight and come out on the other side, one must keep their mind, body, and soul healthy. Today, I ask: How are you coping?  


I urge you not to dim your light because it may be too bright for others to see. This meditation is my gift to you as you continue on your journey to stay joyful through all the pain.  Remember your peace in this mental marathon.


Stay healthy, be mindful, and stay positive in this mental marathon ™

Mindfulness in Business CommunicationFuture Cain
00:00 / 10:07


We all have day-to-day stressors. Workplace stress has adverse effects on workers' mental health, with an increased risk of anxiety, burnout, depression, and substance use disorders. Add to this equation a global pandemic and civil unrest are in full effect. Leaders need the full capacity of their brains to come up with creative and innovative ways of doing things, to problem solve best solutions, and to remain calm and peaceful when you need to reassure your employees, customers, and business partners while collaborating and taking concerns they may have seriously. Meditation is a key to unlock your full potential during times like this. Steve Jobs, an early adopter of meditation described his experience like this: “You start to see things more clearly and be in the present more. Your mind just slows down, and you see a tremendous expanse in the moment. You see so much more than you could see before.”  

Teacher MeditationFuture Cain
00:00 / 14:24


We are living through a time in education where challenges and change are inevitable. I know all too well the sheer amount of work may have you feeling anxious, tense, tired, or worried.  While you are taking care of all the students in your classroom and your buildings you need to ask yourself “how am I taking care of me?” One way to fill your cup up with joy is to incorporate meditation into your everyday practice. There are many positive effects this can have on you and most importantly it will leave you feeling calm and peaceful and is a benefit for your physical and emotional health so that you can focus on what matters most which is; the students, family, and the community you serve.

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