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International Speaker

Social Emotional Leadership + Workplace Wellness Expert featured in NY Times and Forbes


Future Cain is the Founder and CEO of Future of SEL and recently served as the Statewide Project Coordinator for Social and Emotional Learning and Mental Health in Wisconsin. As an equitable social and emotional leader  and Workplace Wellness expert, she works with organizations, institutions, and individuals to enhance the culture, health, and well-being of others. This ambassador for humanity helps individuals see how they can positively impact the world by starting with their own self-awareness.



  • Self Awareness Is The First Step In Creating A Collaborative, Equitable Environment

  • Proactive and Preventative Approach to Employee Mental Wellness

  • Prevention of Audible Abandonment ™ In The Age of Quiet Quitting 

  • Sitting With Ourselves Centers Wellness, Peace, and Joy

  • Equitable Social Emotional Leadership™ 

  • Equity and Belonging Is The Work of ALL

  • Social Responsibility and Awareness

  • Creating A Culture of Wellness

  • Self-care is Self-Less 

  • Living Well to Lead Well ™

  • Live + Virtual Keynote Speaker

  • Small + large group discussions

  • Live interviews + conversations

  • Workshops + culture facilitation

  • Content Creation

  • Fireside Chats

  • Writings

With over two decades of experience in education and leadership, her career expands across several industries including the private behavioral sector, early childhood through higher education, and small businesses and large corporations. She sits on the executive board for Rotary’s World Seminar for high school students, is a mom to two who reside in Wisconsin, and is a certified yoga instructor who is passionate about the mental health and well-being of all adults and children.


I had the pleasure of having Future on the Progressholic podcast. Her knowledge and expertise around Social Emotional Learning was incredible and it is still to date, one of our most listened to episodes! She also went out of her way to go through a live guided meditation which was an amazing experience! Really excited to continue seeing all the incredible work she will continue to do with SEL!

Devesh Tilokani
Podcast Host, Progressholic

"I have come to know Future on LinkedIn as a zealous, multi-faceted educator, passionate about Mental Health and Racial Justice. I would like to express profound gratitude for her phenomenal participation in the African History Month. She is the panellist that you do not want to miss at your event."

Daniel Mwambonu

Founder and President, African History Month

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