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This isn't the future of work your employees were hoping for - but it can be.

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We Specialize in Wellness and Social Emotional Development

Consider Us

Like a Partner

If you are looking for a transformational partnership that will help your leaders and teams to develop...

  • healthy, productivity enhancing work-life balance

  • better communication within and across teams

  • stronger relationships

  • a thriving company culture

  • increased engagement

  • a company that inherently strengthens its own current systems

...then you've found us.


We welcome the opportunity to work alongside you to build Social and Emotional Leadership and Workforce and Employee Wellness into your Organizations systems.


When one person gets stuck, everyone is impacted.

No one should feel like they're out of options on the job.


Service Details


For Businesses and Educational Institutions

As consultants we work with your company to enhance culture, leadership, wellness, and organizational productivity. Future of SEL provides solutions to workforce retention, productivity, and collaboration. We will provide you with skills and recommend solutions to resolve current challenges and create future opportunities. This is done through team facilitation and implementation of social and emotional and mental wellness solutions.



Business Coaching

As coaches we provide each corporation with a personalized development solution that provides you with a new awareness. This is based on the strengths and development needs of the team and the company.   We pride ourselves on providing authentic, collaborative partnerships, and unparalleled expertise that is equity focused.

As coaches we help leaders and leadership teams develop clarity on priorities and create action plans to achieve those goals and bring out the best in your company's employees. Future of SEL supports you in developing your team’s mindset, culture, behaviors, and skills. During each of our sessions we help your group apply these new skills and tools so that you can solve business-critical issues in a long-term sustainable way. Our company provides accountability and support to ensure effective implementation of the plan to maximize overall productivity and efficiency. 

Executive Coaching

The tone at the top sets the mood in the middle. This is the “why” behind offering executives coaching.  Our one-on-one executive coaching provides leaders with the tools to maximize their teams untapped potential. While the emotional, cultural, and social needs of today’s workforce may seem like a tall order for leaders, they require your attention. We will work in partnership with you to improve your social and emotional intelligence and employee wellness so that you can support your team in becoming their best selves and you can continue with being a change agent in an ever changing world. 



Future is an international speaker who is passionate about sharing her knowledge and expertise with organizations and institutions who are focused on wellness, social responsibility, equity, and social and emotional intelligence of adults and children.


This CEO/Founder is currently delivering her keynote addresses virtually to groups around the world.  These thought provoking, inspiring, engaging, and informational presentations are personally designed to align to the group or the conference’s theme and current vision.

Topics include:​

  • Self Awareness Is The First Step In Creating A Collaborative, Equitable Environment

  • Proactive and Preventative Approach to Employee Mental Wellness

  • Prevention of Audible Abandonment ™ In The Age of Quiet Quitting (signature workshop and keynote)

  • Sitting With Ourselves Centers Wellness, Peace, and Joy

  • Equitable Social and Emotional Leadership ™ (signature workshop and keynote)

  • Equity and Belonging Is The Work of ALL

  • Social Responsibility and Awareness

  • Creating A Culture of Wellness

  • Self-care is Self-Less 

  • Living Well to Lead Well ™(signature workshop and keynote)


Fireside Chats 

Future delivers the goods on and off stage. This is an informal, interactive alternative to the traditional presentations one is used to.  It is a conversation between the moderator and their guest.


Question & Answer

It's been a journey. There is nothing more personable than questions directly from the audience to provide a tailor-made experience for your event.

To request a keynote from Future please send your request through the contact tab. Future of SEL will send you a short questionnaire form to learn more about the event if she is available on that event date. 

Professional Development Training

Future of SEL training programs are lively, entertaining, and offer plenty of opportunities for hands-on learning and interaction. Workshops and seminars are offered in multiple formats, including in-person and virtual, half-day and full-day.

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